Applying Beard Oil

Smearing this facial hair moisturizer on your grill might seem elementary to the most urban groomist. Well, it’s not rocket science. On the other hand, since beard oil doesn’t come cheap, you obviously want to learn to get the most out of such an investment, and it all starts with the application process. There is more to this than just taking a dollop and spreading it across your unkempt whiskers. Follow these common steps to administer beard oil like a pro.

For best results apply daily to a clean and freshly washed beard.

Step 1: Place a small amount of oil into the palm of your hand and then distribute over the fingers of both hands.

Step 2: Apply the oil directly under the skin of your beard to start the hydrating process at the source.

Step 3: Finally work the remaining oil through the rest of your beard and moustache.